Hey there! I’m Neha Raj Singh. I live in Freiburg, Germany. I am originally from India. I am a project manager by heart and by profession ;) 

I believe in the fact that professional success is the reflection of how you conduct your personal life. When you are happy and content in your personal life, then you have all the power to achieve great success in your professional life.

I push myself to learn new things every day! It unleashes my potential, increases my self-esteem and leads to self-improvement.

My life has 3 major aspects. Here are the glimpses of all the three:


My Professional Life


I work as a digital project manager for a digital communication company. I am very passionate about my work and this is what I always wanted to do! But like everybody else, it took me years before I zero down to my passion.

So, here’s how it all started…

After I completed my MBA in 2009, I started my career with an India based company as Research Associate. While working with the company, I got the exposure to work on different other projects.

Gradually, I entered the online marketing domain. I started managing projects related to SEO, digital marketing, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Web Research, etc.

In October 2012, my husband and I took the decision to move to Germany. Then, I left my full-time job as Assistant Manager and started working as a freelancer. My husband has to travel for work at different places. I was working while traveling with him :)

I gave my heart and soul to establish my freelance business. I acquired clients, hired a virtual team, and worked on a variety of projects. It gave me exposure, confidence and professional excellence. 

While managing multiple projects and team, I realized that my passion lies in project management. I was getting exposed to the new aspects of my project management skills almost every day. I felt motivated to create and execute plans in order to bring Ideas into reality.

I believe that when you are able to create new things in any domain, then you should know that you have discovered your passion. And, that is what I found in project management.

I just merged my knowledge (Digital Marketing) and Passion (Project Management) and became a digital project manager.

Then, my life took a turn again. In October 2017, I got a job opportunity which I could not refuse. I decided to leave my freelance business and work as a full-time employee.  It was a life-changing decision for me. I look into the pros and cons of it and finally decided to go for it.

It was worth taking the risk as I am enjoying every bit of it!


My Family


I am a wife to a super loving and supporting husband and a Mom of two little champs – My twin boys! My family is my life. The three boys in my life mean the world to me. 

No matter how passionate I am about my work, my family always comes first. There were two instances of my life where I put my family before my work. And, I did not regret it at all!

Firstly, in 2012 when we decided to shift to Germany, I was at a very significant phase of my career but I decided to quit and move to Germany with my husband. I had no clue if I would be able to build my career in a new country where people hardly speaks English. But, I wanted to take that risk and explore new things.

And secondly, when I got pregnant with Twins in 2015, I was at a very interesting phase of my freelance business. But I decided to take 1.5 years of a break to spend some quality time with my kiddos. 

In this competitive world, I knew if I am off my business for long, I might lose my clients forever and I will have to start everything from scratch.

But, I always listen to the heart and do what I think is right at that particular moment. It was a tough time for me. But, I tried to make the most of career break.

I believe that If you are honest with yourself and with people you love, eventually everything falls into place.

Also, no matter how busy I am with my work and kids, I try to take out time for my parents and siblings. But, I know I can manage my time better to take out more time for them.


‘Me’ Time


With all my personal and professional commitments, I get very little ‘Me’ time. But, I try my best to steal it whenever I get chance!

I am very happy doing a 9-5 job and then spending time with family in the evening. But, I do not want my life to be just about it. So, in the ‘Me’ time, apart from my usual doses of entertainment through TV and Social Media, I try to do something that has an impact on my life in the long run.

Here are few other aspects of my life that I try to follow with a bit of irregularity, of course!


In early 2017, I was diagnosed with Diabetes and that was the time I started gaining interest in Yoga. All thanks to my Freelance Era when I had time to explore new things ;) And, now it has become the part of my life!


I read new stuff almost every day such as blogs, articles, books etc.

Although, I am not reading as much as I should but I believe ‘Me’ time is not about burdening yourself with lots of stuff, but it should be about doing it to the extent that you can enjoy it.


Whenever I get time and I have something interesting to share, I write posts for my blog.  Since my job and my twins keep me super busy, so I am not very consistent with my post but I try to write as often as I can.

Social Media

I have a presence on 6 social networking sites i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus. I try to stay active on all of my social media channels.

I hope I can add more things to my “Me- Time” list because what I do with this time has a great influence on my other 2 aspects of the life.

I would love to hear from you. Just drop me an email at neha@neharajsngh.com or connect with me on social media channels. 


With Love