2017 has been a special year for me. It was a year where several things happened for the ‘first time’. It has truly been a ‘year of change’ both on the personal and the professional fronts. 

So, before I say goodbye to 2017, I am writing this blog to re-live my 3 most memorable events that happened this year.

So, here I go

1. Kids entered the kindergarten

This year started with a new beginning for my kids and for us (Sanjeev and I) as a parent. My little ones started going to KITA (daycare) at the age of 1.

The initial few weeks were very tough. It was hard on me as a mom to leave the kids in KITA, especially when I never left them alone for a single day before.

But, it’s heartfelt to see them getting along well with the new environment, new friends, and new language. And, now they look forward to going to KITA every day and that’s very satisfying to see as a parent!


2. Love for him has grown many folds

My husband and I shared a unique relationship this year.

Until last year, our parents were always around to take care of our kids. Only at the start 2017, we were all by ourselves to look after them.

It has not been an easy journey. In the beginning, we were just figuring out what works for the kids and what does not. Every day was a new challenge and it still is. 

We had our share of fights, disagreements, ‘I know kids better’ argument and what not. But, with every passing day, we have grown as a parent, as a spouse, and most importantly as an individual.   

And now, we complement each other in every which way possible. We share our work and try to spend quality time with each other as well as with the kids. My love for him has grown many folds. I hope he feels the same [I know he does :-)]


3. Gone back to the corporate world 

And finally, on the professional front, I took a big decision to discontinue my freelance business and join a company as an employee.

I had to end my working contracts with all my clients before I join the company. Now if I decide to go back to the freelance world ever, I will have to start everything from the scratch. So, it was indeed a life-changing decision for me.

It was not a very thought-out decision, rather an impulsive one. I got an offer which I cannot refuse. As simple as that!

It’s been 2 months now and I am enjoying every bit of it.  I learn new things, meet new people every day. It keeps me motivated to go to work every morning in spite of all the hardship that comes with it!


In nutshell, I would say that life is not easy. Sometimes it’s exhausting to manage all at the same time – work, kids, and home (remember we do not have daily domestic help). I wake up at 5.30 every morning. I think that says it all :)

But it’s all worth it. Four of us (Sanjeev, Viren, Vivaan and I) leave home happily every morning and look forward to our family time together in the evening.


Before I end, I want to wish all of you a happy and prosperous new year! Do share with me your most memorable events of 2017.

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