A website design project usually runs for 1-2 months depending upon the scope of the work. And, when the website runs for that long, some of us become a bit impatient and launch it as soon as it is done.  

But, this is not the right way to go about it. For any website project, last 3 days are very critical!  

These 3 days starts when you are done with all the updates on the development site. So, here are the 3 things that you should work on during those days. 


3 Days before the launch: Final-Final Approval on the Development Site

It is rather mandatory to get the final-final approval from the client on the development site. There is a reason why I wrote the word “Final” twice. In most cases, the client keeps on suggesting changes till the last minute. So, it is your responsibility as a project manager to get a written approval from the client before you start the deployment process. 

Since it is an important part of the process, so make sure you include this day into your schedule at the beginning of the project. This day should be totally dedicated to implementing client feedbacks. 

There are a few important things to keep into consideration: 

  • Production team needs to be on Standby the whole day. The feedback should be implemented in real time.

  • The Project manager should be proactive in coordinating between the client and the production team. They should keep both the sides informed about the status.

  • The Client should be informed few days in advance about this day so that they can block their hours to suggest changes and approve the changes in real time. 

Since websites are big projects, so it is important to be a bit flexible. If all the stakeholders are aligned, you can also extend this to one than one day. 

Bu the end of this day(s), it is the responsibility of the project manager to get a final sign off and written approval from the client to kick off the deployment. 


2 Days before the launch: Deployment of the website to the Production Site

The deployment process usually takes around 2-3 hours depending upon the size of the file. But, you should always schedule a full day for deployment. 

It is a critical process where you are moving the website from a development server to the main production server. Looking into the criticality, there should always be a buffer time to make corrections if anything goes wrong. 

The Project manager should be in constant touch with the production team to stay updated about the deployment progress.  


1 Day before the launch: Regression Testing on the Live website

The day of “launch” and the day of “going Live” are 2 different things. 

  • Going Live is when the website is actually moved the production site and anybody you already know the site URL, can view it.

  • The launch of the website is when you shout it to let the world know about it. Some companies like to keep it low by just pitting the website URL on social media and sharing it through emails. But, sometimes companies organise mega-events to launch it. 

This “1 Day before” day is basically when you are “LIVE” but have not launched it to the whole world. This day should be dedicated to doing regression testing. The testing is done on the live website to make sure that the website has been moved to the live server correctly. 

The entire website needs to be tested including website content, layout, functionalities, third party software etc. The client should also review the overall website from his end to make sure it is ready for the launch. 


Wrap Up

The things that I mentioned in this post are super important. If your project budget and timeline allow, you can also add more than 3 days for these last few things. But, make it sure to have a minimum of 3 days in your schedule for these essential steps.

“How you end the project is as important as how you start it So, plan it right and see the magic!”

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