I was chatting the other day with one of my friends. During the conversation, he casually asked me “how do you manage project digitally?”

I took a pause and then answered, “I don’t manage project ‘digitally’, rather I manage digital marketing projects”. 

But this question really stuck into my head. I realized that people who are not the part of my domain might not understand what I do. My husband is probably one of them 🙂

The very same evening I thought of writing this post about what a digital project manager actually does. 

This post will not just help my friends and close proximity to know what I do, but will also give an overview of my services to my clients and prospects.

So, let’s get started. 

In simple words, digital project manager puts the digital marketing plan into action. They create the plan of action and make sure it is implemented well. 

Let me give you an example. One of my US based client runs an e-commerce business. The owner of the company is great at marketing. The company has a full-blown digital marketing team including content marketer, social media strategist, email marketer etc. 

Also, they have several digital marketing resources such as recorded webinars, EBooks, guides, videos etc. to generate new ideas. 

Now, the challenge is to put these ideas into action. They hired me to convert all these raw digital marketing ideas into an actionable plan. 

I go through all these marketing resources, convert them into a customized plan based on the strategic objective of my client and create a workflow of activities. The idea is to break down the complex ideas into clear and well-defined tasks. 

Before I go into more detail, let me briefly tell you what digital marketing is all about.

What is digital marketing? 

Marketing has always been about connecting with your audience at the right place and at the right time. And, now when your target customers are spending most of their time on Internet, you have no choice but got to be there. Isn’t it? That’s where digital marketing comes into place. 

Digital marketing is all about leveraging your online marketing assets such as website, social media channels, blogs, eBooks, infographics, mobility apps, videos, and emails to connect with your target audience in the real time. 

Digital marketing is an umbrella term that involves various strategies. Here are some of the widely used digital marketing tactics

1. Search engine optimization – Strategy to optimize your website to rank higher in search engine result pages. It increases the organic traffic of the website. 

2. Content marketing- Creating and optimizing relevant content to attract, engage and convert target customers. One of the widely used content marketing strategies is blogging. 

3. Email marketing – Creating email campaigns to engage with the target audience and promote your product and services. An effective email campaign requires you to attract email subscribers using lead magnets. 

4. Marketing automation – Strategy to automate online marketing strategies to maintain consistency in repetitive marketing action such as creating automatic email sequences, scheduling social media posts for future dates etc. You can do marketing automation using online tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer, and MailChimp etc. 

5. Online Advertising (PPC) – Creating and managing pay per click advertisement to generate leads and sales for your business. Some of the examples are Google AdWord, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads etc. 

6. Social media marketing – Strategy to promote your brand on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to create brand awareness, drive traffic, and generate leads. 

7. Inbound marketing – Online marketing strategy to create online sales funnel in order to attract, capture, nurture and convert leads. 

8. Affiliate marketing – Strategy to connect with affiliates who promotes your products on a commission basis. You can also act as affiliates and promote other’s product to gain commission. 

9. Local search marketing- Optimize your website to improve the local search ranking of your business. It is an important strategy if you have a local business. 

10. Online PR – It is the online version of traditional PR (public relations). It involves the strategies to gain online coverage on digital publications, blogs, reputable websites etc. 

The Role Of A Digital Project Manager?  

Digital project manager makes things happen in the digital space. An organization might have a great marketing idea but if it is not implemented well, what’s the point of having it at the first place. A digital project manager gives life to an idea. 

A digital project manager is the perfect combination of project management skills with digital marketing knowledge.

Here are some of the key activities of a digital project manager:

1. Create proposal – Digital project manager gets involved with the project much before the project actually begins. As soon as he gets a request from a new client, he conducts several layers of discussion with technical and creative teams. Based on the discussion, he creates a proposal. He also gets involved in the presentation of the proposal to the client.

2. Bring teams together – Different functional teams such as content team, SEO team, Design & Development Team, PR Team etc. work on a digital marketing project. Project manager brings all the teams together to implement a successful digital marketing project. They help teams to effectively transition from one activity to another.

3. Architect digital assets – Digital marketing project involves the designing of various digital assets such as Website, eBooks, Graphics, Infographics etc. The digital project manager does not create these assets themselves, but he gives an idea to his team. He has a greater understanding of why the asset is required from the strategic perspective, what technology should be used, how to edit them based on the client’s requirement.         


4. Create workflow – One of the most important roles of a digital project manager is to breakdown the strategy into a workflow with due dates and deadlines. This workflow helps a different cross-functional team to work in coordination.


5. Effective communication – As any project manager, digital project manager also happens to be a great communicator. He communicates with people of all the departments, vendors, and clients. He is competent in doing multilingual communication to avoid any ambiguity between the project stakeholders.

6. Lead from the front – Since a digital project manager has a clear understanding and knowledge of digital marketing domain, so they guide the team to get through a particular process. They always lead from the front, as they understand every aspect of digital marketing.

7. Consolidate and organize projects – Digital marketing project is complex. Some projects run simultaneously, some are overlapping, and some are dependent on other activities. A digital project manager organizes and consolidates all the projects to meet the strategic objective of the business.

8. Effective use of CSM – CSM (Content Management System) is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing campaigns. WordPress is a most popular CSM used by many small and large organizations. A digital project manager understands the theory behind these systems and knows the techniques to review, edit, optimize and publish content.

9. Analytics and Testing – Analyzing the efforts of digital marketing activities is very essential. A digital project manager is competent to conduct AB testing to know which campaign provides better results. Also, he is familiar with capturing, interpreting and analyzing data on various analytical tools such as Google Analytics. Based on the analysis, he modifies the plan and gets it rolling.


10. Conduct administrative task – A digital project managers also perform various administrative tasks during the day such project documentations, maintaining project time log, updating CSM, etc.

11. Work in proximity with clients – A digital project manager works in close proximity with their clients. He communicates with the clients regularly to gather information, take feedback, understand any changes in project requirements, send project reports etc.

Why I love what I do?

Personally, I love being a digital project manager. In digital project management, versatility is the key. You need to challenge yourself every day to work on new ideas and strategies. And, that’s what makes this profession interesting and satisfying for me.


It’s the perfect role for someone who wants to do new stuff every day and loves bringing different skills and people together to solve problems!

Recently I read a very interesting article “Six clues you’d be a great digital project manager.” The article was bang on and I believe that I am exactly the same!

Do share with me what makes you love your profession. Till the next time!