Having a digital presence for your business in no longer an option, it is a necessity. And, now with the growing competition, you need to go a step further from just “having a presence” to “creating a digital brand”. 

Branding is a process to communicate with your target audience about your brand. A brand evokes emotion, spurs a reaction and incites an opinion. 

So, now the question arises, why digital branding holds so much importance today? 

In today day and age when your customer is just a click away, creating a digital brand helps your target audience to develop a personal connection and loyalty with the business while generating interest in making a purchase. Building a brand has an overall impact on your bottom-line. 

There are 4 basic arguments that make the digital branding the “Need-of-the-hour”: 

  1. Direct connection with the buyer: We all know that you should market your product where your customers are! And today nobody can deny the fact our customer spends most of their time on the internet. This gives us enough reasons to invest in digital branding. 71% of shoppers believe they will get a better deal online than in stores (Source)

  2. Vast reach- Viral Research: Internet has a vast reach. If your business is based out of India, you can easily market it to the customer sitting in Germany. It stretches your brand to have a global presence. It not only has a “vast reach” but also “Viral reach”. If any of your target audience like your brand, he can easily spread the word of mouth by sharing it with their connection. Opening your brand to the new customer base is easier online than offline.

  3. Less cost:As compared to the offline marketing and branding, online branding involves less cost. But, there is a flip side to it. If you do not have a robust digital marketing/branding execution plan in place, you may end up spending higher. So, plan before you start! Also, hire a Digital Project Manager who has a combined knowledge of Digital marketing and project manager. 

  4. Monitoring tools available: There are various monitoring tools available to track the result of digital branding strategies. One of the most widely used tools is Google Analytics. It gives you several insights about your strategies and helps you to modify it based on the results. Some of the insights you can get from Google Analytics are

    1. Characteristics of your use

    2. What devices they use

    3. How loyal and engaging they are

    4. What are the high-quality traffic generators

    5. Analyse your Adword Campaigns 

    6. Analyse your content marketing strategy

    7. Analyse how visitors moves from page to page

    8. And many more. (I will soon write a complete blog post on Google Analytics.)

         All these info give a direction to your campaign and help you increase the ROI. 


So, now how do we build the digital brand for our business? 

One of the most effective strategies to build a digital brand is through Inbound marketing. It is a key ingredient in digital branding strategies. Rather than overtly selling a business message through direct marketing, inbound marketing is done through blogs, articles, seminars and other content vehicles. It is a pull marketing strategy which works better than push marketing. 

There are just 3 easy steps to do that: 


Identify the business positioning:

The very first step in the process is to analyse your brand USP and identify how you want to position it. Some of the identifiers could be: 

  1. Serious or playful?

  2. Local or worldwide?

  3. Service-oriented or product driven?

  4. Environmentally conscious?

  5. Bright or Subtle? 


You may need to do several rounds of Brainstorm session with all the stakeholders to zero down to your brand positioning. There are 2 important sub-steps here:

  • You should have a very strong argument about the brand position to finalise. It should reflect the core values of your business. 

  • You should share the brand positioning details with other departments such as Creative, Tech, Content etc as soon as it is finalised so that they can incorporate it in their work. 


Design the digital assets

The next step in the process is to design digital assets based on the digital positioning. There are various assets you can design in order to keep your customers engaged with your brands. We can divide the digital assets in the below 5 categories: 

  1. Websites including blogs, microsite, e-commerce website etc. 

  2. Social Media 

  3. Email Newsletter to increase online subscriber base

  4. Mobile assets including mobile apps, mobile site, online games etc. 

  5. Other content assets including webinars, Podcast, Videos, Infographics etc. 

The brand with a larger digital marketing budget usually designs several assets from each of the categories. But, if you have a limited budget, you can always start with the first 2 categories and then expand it gradually. 


Promote the assets

The next step in the process is to go ahead and promote these assets so that the target audience can reach out to you and make a purchase. For a successful digital marketing campaign, you have to make sure that you use multi-channel promotion.

Here are the top 4 digital marketing campaigns you can invest in:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation: It is a process to increase the organic traffic to your digital assets through search engines. 

  2. Email Marketing Campaigns: It is a process to acquire, engage, and nurture the online subscriber base. 

  3. Paid Advertising: It is a process to generate traffic or sales of your product/services through paid advertisement such as PPC. 

  4. Social Media Marketing: It is all about promoting your brand on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. 

When you design a digital marketing campaign, do not forget to have a monitoring system in place to track the results. If you miss to do that, you might end of spending money in the wrong direction


Wrap Up

When you read this blog post, you might find lots of jargons in the digital world. I have not gone into the detail to each of the points and tried to keep it short and simple. But, it is rather a very vast topic and is a bit difficult to include all the points in one blog post. 

But, I can try to dedicate one post to each of the sub-topics here. If there is any specific topic you want me to write about, just drop me a message below! 

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