Benefits of email marketing are quite evident now. If done effectively it plays a vital role in generating targeted leads. As McKinsey & Company’s study revealed, “email is 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined” [Tweet “Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined”] But the question is how to create a mailing list for email marketing? You can convince people to subscribe to your email list by delivering highly targeted and well-crafted lead magnets that give them enough reasons to opt-in. This is an extensive 6000+ words post with 22 awesome lead magnet ideas. I have included various  real-life lead magnet examples and tips that has been a success in the past. To make it easy to read, I have created a table of content with jump links. Feel free to directly hit on the specific section with those link. You can also use the small button at the bottom right on the screen to scroll back at the top. 

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Image Source: Leadformaly

  In the example above, it clearly shows that even if we double the traffic from various marketing channels, it will only generate extra 20 leads (a 40% increase). That’s a lot of effort on our part for a little gain.  So, what’s the better way to do it? We can achieve the same result (40% increase) by optimizing the subscription form’s conversion rate from 2% to 2.8%. It would also improve the performance of all upstream marketing channels. Now, the question is how to increase form’s conversion? – By offering irresistible lead magnet  The workflow goes like this: Tempting offer (Lead Magnet) → High form’s conversion rate → More leads → More sales So, let’s get started with some awesome lead magnet ideas and examples. Lead Magnet – noun – an irresistible bribe offering a specific chunk of value to a prospect in exchange for their contact information.


#1. Tip sheet and checklist­

It is one of the most popular and high converting incentive ideas. It saves reader’s immense time and is very easy to create. You can create a well-crafted checklist, tip sheet with actionable advice, step-by-step guide, to-do list etc. It is a very useful and handy resource for your visitors and therefore it has a very high perceived value.

Quick Tips

A) Create checklist related to your blog

If you write an in-depth 5000+ words blog, case study or how to article, you can convert it into the checklist to save your readers time.

See how checklist is an effective lead magnet idea
Image Source: Backlinko

In the Example above, Brian Dean offered a PDF checklist that shows how to execute the 16 copywriting techniques that he talked about in the blog. This is a good way to provide an extension to your content and add more value to your reader. He has given more reasons to opt-in by adding 2 additional bonuses in the checklist. 

B) Create a process that leads to accomplishment of certain objective

Providing a definite process in the form of the checklist could be a tempting offer. It eliminates guesswork and provides clear steps to accomplish something.  11-point perfect sales funnel checklist by Petovera.com is a perfect example.

How to use checklist as a lead magnet to attract email subscribers
Image source: Petovea.com

Isitwp.com used this strategy by providing a complete checklist of launching a website on WordPress. 

Image Source: IS IT WORDPRESS?

Another great example is by Teachable. They provided specific steps to launch a course on your own. They mentioned that 10000+ local people have used it before. It amplified the perceived value.

teachable-checklist-lead magnet-Ideas
Image source: Teachable

C) Create a to-do list

Creating a nice bucket list or to-do list is also a great incentive for email subscribers.

Image source: TheKnot

In the screenshot above, The knot provided wedding checklist that helps people to organize their wedding. It is a great incentive for someone who wants to have a hassle-free wedding.

D) “Must Have” or “Must Know” checklist

No one wants to miss out on something that is worth a do. You can leverage this human psychology by offering them a “Must Have” list of apps, tools, or software. Once you have the idea, you can create a quick PDF of the checklist and offer it to your prospective subscribers. Here is a great example by Emma, an email marketing boutique who provided this awesome list of statistics as an incentive.

Image source: Emma

To encourage conversion, you can either add a link to your website at the bottom of your PDF, or create a specific call-to-action that redirects the reader to page where they can learn more about the topic.

E) Tip sheet

Sharing quick tips with your subscribers could be quite helpful for them. Backlinko created a lead magnet on his home page that offers their subscriber ‘exclusive tips to increase website traffic’.

Image Source: Backlinko


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#2. EBook or Guide

In today’s age of Internet, we are flooded with information. If we type in any keyword on the search engine, we get lots of search results related to that topic. Don’t you usually click on that result which provides comprehensive information on that topic? I think we all do! That’s where eBook or guide comes into the picture. It could be a great inducement for email subscribers. EBook is a downloadable well-designed PDF document explaining a topic related to the company or product. It provides the thorough analysis of a problem and step-by-step guide to solving it.

Quick Tips

A) Be specific in your offer

If you give away a generic eBook, you might cater to the wrong audience. It is important to keep your eBook specific to a topic and contain the actionable step-by-step guide that solves a certain problem of your target customers. It is worthwhile to add bullet points listing the key points of eBook on subscription form or landing page. Here’s a good example by Unbounce. They created a beautiful landing page with book summary, the number of pages. ebook cover, subscription form and a download link.  I also like how they gave the option to download the eBook from twitter.

Image Source: Unbounce.com

B) Give social proof

If you have it, don’t hesitate to flaunt it! If you have a certain social proof about your eBook i.e. the number of readers, any influencer who recommended the eBook, or any testimonial shared by your reader, mention it on the landing page. Before sharing their contact information, subscribers would love to know if it’s worth reading.

Word of mouth has always been important. Today, it` s more important than ever because of the power of Internet “ – Joe Pulizi

Look at how blog marketing academy mentioned that it has been downloaded and read by thousands. Although it is much better to have an exact figure, something like 1231 downloads in 5 years.

Image Source: Blog Marketing Academy

Here’s another good example by Tony Robbins. He offered a free copy of his bestselling book, ‘Reawaken The Giant Within’ for which more than 2 million copies were sold.

Image Source: Anthony Robbins

C) Success guarantee

It’s really hard to give a guarantee of success. But if the same strategy has worked for someone, it inspires others to try it. If you are including guiding principles or strategies, make it more compelling by including success stories.  Michael Hyatt offers a free eBook – “Shave 10 hours off your work week” as an incentive to subscribe. He mentioned that it includes “Proven Strategies” . It increases the credibility of the book. 

Image Source: michaelhyatt.com

Here is another very eye-catching email form by Jeff bullas. He specified that he used the same trick to gain traffic on his website. It makes visitors confident to apply these strategies for their own success. 

Image source: jeff bullas

You can create an eBook from scratch with original high-value content but it may take lots of time. To make it quick, you can compile some of your best content (Blogs/Articles) into a single document, with some relevant graphics and convert it into an eBook. EBook cover is very important. It should be appealing enough to encourage visitors to opt-in. You can either hire a designer or use some free tools like Canva to design eBook cover. EBook or guide does not provide instant gratification. Your target customer might download it and never read it. So, use this tactic carefully.


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#3. Locked content­

Locked content is a great way to get new email subscribers. You allow your subscriber to access an important section of the content.   Here is an example by elegantthemes.com

Source: elegantthemes.com

Quick Tips

A) Lock the important part of the blog posts. Do it at a point on your blog when you think it would be irresistible for your reader to leave reading in between. B) You can offer the access to a downloadable file that is central to the article.  C) You can hide any interview you conducted with an influencer which is the significant part of the blog. It is advisable to use this incentive only if you have written an irresistible and engaging blog with lots of facts and examples. Here’s an example by OptinMonster to show how it actually looks:

Image Source: OptinMonster


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#4. Free resources­

If you have something really very valuable to share with your subscriber, this could be a very tempting bribe! For instance: you can share code snippets; smaller versions of your commercial products, printable workout plan, free stock images, Photoshop filters etc.

Quick Tips

A) Handy templates

Most of the time it happens that ‘we know it all’ but don’t know how to structure it. Here comes the handy template. To make this incentive more tempting makes it easy to use by providing in a customizable format, such as ‘fill in the blanks’. This bribe is enticing because it’s easy to use and helps the reader quickly solve a problem or achieve a goal. For instance, if you run an email marketing blog, you can share the template for blogger outreach email, follow up emails, etc. Here is a nice example by wpcurve.com. They provided lead magnet templates with source files which are a great resource for a digital marketer and their design team.

Image Source: WPCURVE

B) Resource library

A “Library of Resources” is a different way to package up content for your prospects. I know I’m mentioning HubSpot again, but they are just gurus at this lead magnet ideas. You can access all of their epic videos in Marketing Resources Library by giving away your email address

Image Source: HubSpot

C) Workbook

A workbook is a great lead magnet idea as it encourages subscribers to take action and learn new things. You can create the workbook for a new course, for a webinar or conference. Here is a workbook example by CMI

Image Source: Content Marketing Institute

D) Calendars

We all plan for the future. Some of us do it just in our heads. But most of us create a calendar with actionable deadlines. Providing a calendar template saves time and provides value to your audience. Some of the types of calendar your subscriber might be interested in are an editorial calendar, daily social media activity calendar, marketing calendar, travel plans, etc.

Image Source:ThriveHive

In the below example, ThriveHive is giving away 2016 Marketing Calendar as an incentive which helps small businesses in designing their marketing strategy.

D) Reports

Giving away an insightful report on current market trends, industry analysis, technical report etc. can be a useful lead magnet especially for B2B industry. Hubspot creates an annual report every year that gives insights to marketers in creating the sales and marketing strategy of coming year. In 2015, HubSpot gave away a report on “State of Inbound Marketing and Sales Trends of 2015” . It provided this incentive only to email subscribers. The report provided valuable insights to marketers for creating a strategy for 2016.

Image Source: HubSpot

Here’s another great example from Formstack:

Image Source: FormStack


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#5. PopUp Content Upgrades

This is one of the most popular lead magnets for recent times. If done tactically, it can be created within no time. Robbie Richards did a great post on how this lead magnet tactic increased his monthly subscribers by more than 300%. The right placements of these offers are equally important. When a reader is offered something at the time when they need it the most, then there are high chances they accept it.

Quick Tips

A) Infographic

Infographics are one of the best-performing pieces of content you can create. Nicely designed and informative infographics get more social shares, attracts quality backlinks and are perhaps the most popular form of content for any audience. Pursuant provided their infographics for downloading in exchange for the contact details.

Image Source: Pursuant


If you have created 5000+ words of in-depth, well researched and example driven blog, you can create a quick PDF of your blog and giveaway to your prospective subscriber as against their email address. You might think that how can a simple conversion of a blog into PDF can be an incentive for your reader. If you think from the reader’s perspective, it is quite an incentive. The blog is a great format to read through some topic but it’s not worthy of a reference book. If you want to implement the actions recommended in the blog, it is convenient to have it saved in your drive as PDF. I use print-friendly & PDF chrome extension to convert the blog into PDF. It’s a great tool. It converts the blog into PDF in the same format keeping all the links intact. Check out this example by Unbounce. They were bang on!

Image Source: Unbounce

C) Slideshare

Most of us repurpose our content into PPT and upload it on slideshare.net and other similar sites. You might think that when it is available for free then why your reader will give their email address to access it? they will do that because it saves their time to look for the PPT on other platforms. For instance, If they are thinking of giving a presentation to the team or associates about the strategies mentioned in the post, they might love the idea of downloading ready-to-use PPT.

D) Repurpose old content

If you have some old valuable blog post in your archive, you can convert them into PDF and use it to grow your email list. Here’s an example by leadpages.

Image Source: Leadpages

E) Cheatsheet

Cheat sheet is a collection of tips, organized in an easily comprehensible format such as a PDF, Excel etc. You could just repurpose the key points of a blog post and offer it to your reader in exchange for their email address. Here is an example of cheat sheet by StealthSeminar. It was successful as it answers some of the questions your prospective email subscribers are looking for.

Image Source: StealthSeminar

Other content upgrade format could be  white paper, podcast, guide, report etc. You can capture more leads from blog content through tools like Leadpages or Unbounce.

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#6. Money off discount code

­ If you have the option to provide discounts on product/services or free shipping to your subscriber as an incentive, nothing like it! Offering discount coupon increases the chance of subscriber to buy the product. They are most likely to come back and make a purchase. One of the biggest reasons that it works is because it provides instant gratification to audiences.

Quick Tips:

A) Discount coupons

Saturday by Kate Spade gave away coupons to the potential email subscriber. It’s a pop-up that shows up after visitor spends some time on the website.

Image Source: Saturday by Kate Spade

B) Promo code

You can also give your subscriber a free ride if you are in the travel industry. It could be a great tool for newbies in the market. 

Image source: blogging with ben

C) Free shipping

To make this incentive more magnetic, you can provide more than one offer to first-time subscribers. Swanson Supplements offered both 10% off & free shipping for first-time subscribers.

Image Source – Swanson Supplements


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#7. Free trials­ or demo

Giving free trials of your product or services not only excites visitors to subscribe to your email but also encourage them to buy your product if they like the trial version.

Quick Tips:

A) Video demo

A short video demonstration is very effective as it connects well with your audience. Marketo created a very appealing video tool demo as a bribe to grow their mailing list. Their happy subscribers are most likely to become their paying customers.

Image Source: Marketo

B)  Free trails by SaaS company

Free trials are one of the best ways to drive subscribers to eventually pay for the service. By giving them the option to use your product for free will open up your business to new prospects and generate more targeted leads. Like several other SaaS businesses, Shopify gives the option to start the free trial. They only ask for the email address that makes it really simple for visitors to subscribe.

Image Source: Shopify

C) Free sample or product

If you are a product-based business, you can give away free product samples to first few subscribers like first 100 or 500 subscribers. It is a good strategy to kick off your subscription list. Try The World is a subscription service for chef-prepared food boxes. They give away free box with some exciting products to email subscribers. It provides an instant gratification and thus has the high conversion rate.

Image Source: Try The World


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#8. Access to webinar

Webinar or online workshops are the new “In Thing” in today’s digital world. Asking them to join your mailing list to get free access to a webinar could be an exciting bribe. You can also use recorded webinar as an incentive for further emails. As long as your content is relevant, it could be used as an incentive. I recently registered for a webinar titled ‘How to acquire 300% more leads without increasing your traffic’ ’ conducted by Leadformly. I was not sure if I have time to attend that webinar but the topic (offer) seemed so lucrative that I could not resist but register for it. That’s how they succeed in their first step of the customer engagement cycle i.e. Acquisition.

Image Source: Leadformly Email

As soon as I registered for the webinar, I received the confirmation email along with a download free workbook to make notes during the webinar. Bang on! That seemed quite helpful to me. Not only that, I received several other emails like: “Your lead gen webinar starts in just 3 hours” “Your lead gen webinar starts in just less than an hour” & Much more! That’s how they mastered the next step i.e. Engaging with their subscriber. Here’s the email snapshot from them.

Image Source: Leadformly Emails

But unfortunately, I could not attend the webinar. So post-event, I received a friendly email from them with the webinar recording link. That’s how they retain me as their subscriber for future emails.(Customer Retention).

Image Source: Leadformly Emails

That’s an effective email marketing automation workflow!

Now back to some quick tips

A) Specific and targeted

Amy Porterfield offers a free live master class on how to create and deliver your first 5-figure webinar. This lead magnet tactic has high success rate because it’s very specific and targeted to people who wants to know how to launch a webinar.

Image Source: Amy Porterfield

B) Webinar timings on the form

Adding the timings of the webinar on the subscription form makes it easy for the prospective subscriber to decide if they have an open time slot to attend it. If they are really interested in your webinar, they will plan ahead to free their time for it. Lewis Howes has been very successful in generating leads through webinars. He even wrote a book on it. You can see how specifically he wrote the timings to avoid any guesswork.

Image Source: Lewis Howes

C) Timer and speaker details

To make it more exciting you can also add ‘running timer’ on your form. Make sure to use a very catchy headline that compliments it. Also, think of adding the speaker name and short bio to add authenticity to your subscription form.

D) Webinar benefits

It’s a great idea to add in bullets what audience will learn from the webinar. I came across a webinar registration form by howtheyblog.com. They have used all the elements beautifully. It can be a great reference point.

Image Source: How They Blog


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#9. Your exclusive time

­If you are a coach, a consultant, or a guide, It could be a great strategy. But it doesn’t provide instant gratification so use this strategy only when you want to target high-quality leads or you are a well-known name in your industry. Here is an example from Collaborate who provided “Free Marketing Consultation“ as an incentive. They created this beautiful and highly informative landing page.

Image Source: Collaborada

Quick Tips

Here are some of the ways you can offer your free time as lead magnet:

  1. Answer one question from each subscriber
  2. Organize online chat with subscribers on social media or on your website itself.
  3. Conduct one-­to-­one coaching call
  4. Direct help with a project
  5. Free consultation,
  6. Customized advice and guidance.

Neil Patel is a well-known name in the digital marketing world. He is at the top of his game. He uses this technique quite often. Here’s an example:

giveaway-free-time-as-lead magnet
Image Source: Neil Patel


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#10. Graphical giveaway­

We can’t ignore the relevance of graphics in the digital world. If you are a design related company then you can use this lead magnet to build your email list.

Quick Tips

Some of the incentives you can provide your subscribers are:

  1. Business card template
  2. Website stickers
  3. Social icons for a WordPress theme
  4. Desktop wallpapers

If you’re a design company, you might already have a few graphical templates that you often use. You can package them up and giveaway to your prospective subscribers.  

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#11. Toolkit­

Use of tool is very important in today’s fast pace business environment. You can share the list of tools/software that simplifies the work of your target audience. This provides one-stop reference material for them to use over and over, without having to look out for them on their own.

Quick Tips

A) Create PDF

You can just create a simple PDF with the list of tools and allow your prospects to download it . I recently came across a sign-up form by Neil Patel. They were giving away ’21 long-tail keywords research tool’. I find it a great resource. It was a simple, easy PDF with the list of tools, short description and link to their website. Here is the screenshot of the the PDF.

Image Source: Neil Patel PDF

A) Add it to your newsletter

It might not be an effective way of doing it. Make sure you include only complimentary things else you might end up annoying your subscribers. AppSumo offers its subscribers a list of 15 tools as a part of their newsletter that can be used to improve their online marketing results.       

Image Source: AppSumo

B) Toolkit with template and formats

It is also a great idea to create a comprehensive toolkit that includes tools, resources list, templates, and formats. Mindtools provides “Time Management Toolkit” as a lead magnet which includes different tools to manage the time effectively.

Image Source: Mindtools

Below is one of the tools from the Toolkit. It is an activity log provided by MindTools.

Image Source: MindTools


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#12. Fascinating case studies

We all love success stories. And that’s the reason sharing fascinating case studies could work well.

Quick Tips

A) A Case study of other successful people:

Share case studies that show to your subscriber how other people were able to solve the same problem. Cardinal Path shares case study to increase their mailing list. They have a long form. You can afford long forms if you are giving away case study to your subscribers because people who sign up for case study are aware of their problem and are looking actively for the solution. It’s great to share inspiring stories about the successful person and businesses in your niche. For instance, compile the stories with step by step guide of accomplishment; conduct an interview and give them as downloadable audio files; create videos of people sharing their success stories.

B) A case study of your own success

If you have accomplished something worth telling your subscriber, then use it as your lead magnet. You can create a step-by-step guide showing how you reached where you are now! A great example is Neil Patel. He conducted a webinar to show the steps how he created 4 million-dollar business. People would be interested to know the steps that they can implement for their own success.

Image Source: Neil Patel


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#13. A persuasive blueprint­

It’s one of my favorite lead magnets. Hubspot used this incentive wonderfully. Hubspot’s The Definitive Blueprint for Lead Management is an eBook that teaches marketers how to manage and nurture leads in two parts – what makes an effective lead management program, and how to actually set up and launch a successful lead nurturing campaign with this program in mind. This could an exciting blueprint for somebody who doesn’t know where to get started.

Image Source: HuubSpot


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#14. Free chapter of new book­

If you are an established author or you are planning to write your first book, then this strategy is a great way to attract first few readers. It will create a buzz about your book. If people find the first chapter interesting, there are chances that they buy the entire book. It should be the part of your pre-launch and post-launch eBook marketing strategy. It does not take much time to create free chapters. You just need to select the chapter, package it and add it as a Lead magnet on your website. Ash Maurya has used this tactic for his book “Scaling Lean

Image Source: Ash Maurya

Here’s another example by Tim Ferris. He is a well-known  name in self-help niche. Tim gives away a free portion of his 4-Hour Workweek book to entice visitors to sign up for his email list.

Image Source: Tim Ferris

Quick Tips

When you use this lead magnet idea, use this platform well to promote your eBook. Include the following in your landing page

  1. EBook cover image
  2. Short bio of author with the image
  3. Details about past best sellers (if any)
  4. Book release date
  5. Testimonials
  6. Any other social proof regarding the author or brand. For instance, Tim Ferris included the amazon reviews and media coverage.


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#15. Quiz/assessment and test­

This incentive works because we love to know more about ourselves and also love to compare us with others. Here is an example by InfusionSoft, a marketing automation software. They created ‘Marketing IQ Test’. Visitors were asked to share their email address after the completion of their assessment test. As they have already invested their time in taking the test, they would be interested in knowing the answer. At this point, they can easily share their email address.

Image Source: Infusionsoft


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#16. Killer swipe file

I have personally signed up for some of the websites that provided swipe files! People love examples of how to do things, especially if it removes some of the guesswork from their jobs. Swipe file does exactly that.

Image Source: Digital Marketer

This is an interesting example by digitalmarketer.com. They offered 72 proven headlines formula to take reference for social media posts. Who won’t like to sign up for this!

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#17. Video course

­Several researchers show that video is one of the widely used multimedia. Giving video course as an incentive is a great idea. People find videos more valuable than long written documents. They are also a powerful medium to market your business, as people are more likely to remember videos as opposed to long written content.

Quick Tips

A) Single video

You can share a single video as an incentive that covers the topic in detail and provides step-by-step guidance to subscribers.

Image Source: yourfirst10kreaders.com

yourfirst10kreaders.com shows aspiring authors how to successfully build an audience for their book. It seems to provide lots of value to subscribers. They have added the authenticity to the offer by mentioning that they have already been successful by using this strategy.

B) Series of video

Another preeminent idea is to create a mini-course that provides a series of videos with the solution to one of your customer’s main problems. Here’s an example of video lessons lead magnet that Timothy Sykes uses.

Image Source: Timonthy Sykes

C) Benefits of video course

It is essential to include the benefits of video on the landing page or subscription form page. Here is an example by Dr.Wayne Dyer . He has mentioned the benefits of the video series clearly.

Image Source: Dr. Wayne Dyer


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#18. Drip Mini Email Course

Creating a drip mini e-course can be challenging and time-consuming. It does not provide instant gratification so it may not be an easy way to get more subscribers for your business. But there are several success stories, where people have used this strategy to increase their mailing list. Steve Chou, the founder of My Wife Quit Her Job, generates over $350,000 a year from his free drip campaign.

Image Source: My wife quit her job

Here is an another example of a “7 Day eCourse” by Kim at Your Chic Geek

Image Source: Your chic geek

Quick Tips

A) Keep open loops

Your readers might read first few emails and then stop reading it. So, the biggest challenge is to encourage the subscriber to move to the next episode. The best way to do it by creating your email series like a story with ‘open loops’- Story line that starts in one episode and ends in the next episode.

B) Personalize your landing page

People want to know who is behind the story (course) especially when you are sharing a personal one. Get people connected with you by adding your bio with the Opt-in.

C) Add Call-To-Action

Add a call to action at multiple locations to make sure they do not miss doing what you want them to do!

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#19. Exclusive Content for Subscriber

If you sell information as a business such as online resource, Online course etc, then you should create a perfect balance between what to give it for free and what to keep exclusively for subscribers. I believe that if your free content is engaging, informative and actionable then people would be ready to give away their email addresses for more (exclusive) content. One example that comes to my mind is Copyblogger. They have used this strategy so beautifully. (I have personally subscribed to their exclusive content).

Image Source: Copyblogger


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#20. Content Bundles

Content bundle offers a combination of different lead magnets that answers a specific problem of the audience.

Quick Tips

A) Compile ebooks

Once in awhile, you can also offer eBook bundles related to similar or complementary topics. Check out the incentive given by AdEspresso. They have combined 4 of their popular eBook on the topic related to Facebook. Their landing page clearly mentioned the topic of all the eBooks. To make it more exciting and action driven, they have made it a limited period offer. Nice Idea!

Image Source: AdEspresso

B) Bundle of Complementary lead magnets

Bloggersidekick.com published a blog post titled ‘writing quality blog content’. As an incentive, they combined 3 complementary lead magnets i.e. “Blog Post Checklist”, ‘Blog writing template’ and ‘step-by-step process’, and gave away to generate more leads from subscription form.

Image Source: Blogger Sidekick


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 #21. Contest

You can run a contest to capture the email address. You can give your free products in return for their email address. It provides instant gratification so it has very high perceived value. Here is an example by Le Bateau.

Image Source: Le Bateau

You can also run a contest on social media. It creates a lot of buzz about your brand and also generates lot of leads.

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#22. Subscribe to our newsletter

Asking website visitors to subscribe to your email list as against the weekly/monthly newsletter is not yet obsolete. You only need to make it compelling enough to grab the attention of your target audience. If people really like the content on your website, they will definitely be interested in getting regular updates from you.

Image Source: Pro-Blogger

Problogger’s free newsletter provides tips on blogging, tutorials, and podcasts. Along with that, they send 30 writing prompts for blog ideas. That’s a pretty tempting incentive for someone looking to start a blog.

Quick Tips

A) Popup between the blog

Having the newsletter signup PopUp in between your blog posts is a great idea to increase conversion. Here is an example by InfoTrust where the pop up comes while the visitor is reading your blog. The timing is perfect because the visitor is already engaged with your content so they might be interested in subscribing to your email list. 

Image Source: InfoTrust

I also loved how adespresso.com used this strategy to grow their email list. 

newsletter-pop-up-between the blog
Image Source: Addespresso.com

B) Add social media button

Adding social media follow button with Sign up form is a very exciting idea. It not only increases your chance of getting more followers but also gives an authenticity to visitors and inspires them to subscribe. Brian Gardner  included his Twitter follow button in the subscription form. It gives a kind of social proof that several thousand like his work. It’s a good idea to add the follower count when you have some decent number of followers.

Image Source: Brian Gardner

C) Add testimonial

People prefer to sign up for a newsletter if they know that it share some awesome stuff. Adding a testimonial of your happy subscriber in the signup form add value to your subscription form and motivate the website visitors to share their contact information. I recently came across the sign-up form on TOPO blog. I don’t know who used this strategy but it’s really worth giving a try.

Image Source: TOPO Blog

D) Instant gratification

Signing up for newsletter does not provide instant gratification. So, it might be a good idea to giveaway them some instant incentives along with newsletter subscription offer. Here’s an example from the Content Marketing Institute. They want visitors to sign up for their newsletter but to grab their attention; they offered a free exclusive workbook.

Image Source: Content Marketing Institute


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Bonus Tip


Time for a bonus tip – CTA (call-to-action) buttons. It is important to talk about it now as it is complimentary to lead magnet and adds value to your offer. You usually have only a few seconds to grab the attention of your visitor. So, call to action button should be exciting enough to encourage them to take action instantly. Two central buttons on any subscription form are pleasure and pain button. Pleasure button is one that a visitor clicks when he accepts your offer. Your website visitors cannot get into your mailing list without clicking this button. So, you must apply click-boosting techniques that incite visitors to click. The words like “Subscribe” or “Submit” sounds like you are committing to something big and the majority of people do not like to commit to something they are not sure about. So, instead of these cliché words, use buttons that solve certain problem of your viewers. And, don’t forget to be playful with your words! Some of the tricks could be to use “first person language” like “Yes, I’m in”; “Yes, I want 20% off”; “Sign me up”; “Give me my free eBook” etc. Michael Aagard of Content Verve did email marketing A/B tests in which he found an increase in clicks on buttons that were written in the first person. They saw this improvement by changing buttons from the second person ‚your‘ to the first person ‚my‘.

Email Marketing A/B Test
Image Source: Content Verve

This brought in 90 percent more clicks: Therefore, use words that add value like “Yes, Increase my website traffic”, “Make me better online marketer” etc. I love Joanna Wiebe’s “I-want” strategy. It goes like this: Write button/CTA copy that completes this phrase: I want to ________________. The underlined part becomes the button. Pleasure buttons are also a stellar place to get playful and clever like Unbounce did on its presidential marketing teardown post:

Image source: Unbounce

Pain button is one that visitors click when they rejects your offer. It’s heartbreaking. But you know it happens and happens a lot. So, why don’t you take it in a good spirit? It is equally important to create an opt-out button and give visitors a clear choice. an example by  Joanna Weibe. it has increased her daily sign ups from double digit to triple digit.

Image Source: Joanna Weibe



These are some of the ways that can offer value to your target audience and encourage them to move down the sales funnel. If your website visitor find the incentive interesting and helpful, they will most likely become your happy subscribers. And the probable next step of a happy subscriber is accessing your website content, buying one of your products, hiring your services, and more. You cannot use all of these strategies for your business; most of them might not even be relevant for your audience. Use this list as a reference to create an offer that encourages your website visitors to take action. Have I missed listing any lead magnet ideas? Let me know in the comments!

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