I have travelled to my home country (India) last month to spend some quality time with my family, friends and relatives. I am here for 3 months and planned to travel different cities across the country. I must confess, it’s not at all easy to maintain work-life balance while on the go! But, when you work so hard for the rest of the months, taking out some time to visit your loved ones is always worth it. Isn’t it? You just need to know some tricks to be effective at your work while travelling.


Tips for work-life balance while travelling:

Here are some of the tricks that I follow to manage my work while travelling:

Be flexible: I know it is a bit clique to ask for being flexible while “working from anywhere”. But it is ‘the’ most important thing! When you are on the go, you cannot follow a fix work schedule. You should always be ready to work whenever you get the time. I find myself working late at night or early in the morning. The objective is to finish my to-do’s for the day and also do not miss out fun with my family!

Keep clients informed: We all know that transparency is the key to a successful relationship with clients. So, it is imperative to keep your clients informed about your travel schedule beforehand. They will always appreciate your honesty and your relationship will certainly grow stronger.

Utilize your weekends: I am never in favor of working on weekends. But, sometimes you have to break the rules! Try to finish major part of the work on weekdays but if you are left with some of the work, do not leave it for next week (because next week you will be filled with another commitments) rather try to finish it up on weekends. I would still recommend keeping your Sundays free!

Smartphone is vital: Smartphone is now an important part of our life but when we are traveling, it is indeed the lifesaver. Connect all your emails, project management tools, CRM tools, Dropbox etc. to your smart phone. Even if you are not able to work on some project immediately, you can always buy some extra time to work. Reducing the turn around time of responding to emails give an impression that work is priority for you even when you are not working full-time.

Focus on existing clients: I agree to the fact that you should never slow down your business at any point of time but when you are dividing your time between personal and professional life, it is important to set your priorities. And the priority is always to keep your existing clients happy and satisfied! When you add a new client, you have to spend some extra time to understand the client and his nature of work. And, when you are travelling, you certainly do not have that extra time.

Keep family & friends in loop: When I meet my family and friends after a long time, they expect me to spend most of your time with them. And trust me, I also want the same! But, if you want to continue working smoothly, let your family know how important your work is for you. It is very important that they understand your commitments and take your work seriously.

I must say it is difficult to maintain a perfect work-life balance while travelling but there’s always a way out if you follow these simple tips. Do not forget to share your tips and mantra with me.

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