Hello, everyone! I am back with my new blog post.I hope you must have watched my video.

When you work for yourself, you have the luxury of working on your own schedule. Working ay any hour of the day .. you can manage to go for shopping in the afternoon and work in the evening. That’s all true. But, there is a flip side to it!

When there is no one to report to, we tend to loose motivation. We start to procrastinate. 

Here are the 3 things I do every day to keep myself motivated:

1. Create To-do’s

One of the greatest motivators for me is to create the daily and the weekly list of to-dos. I use project management dashboard Asana to create my list of tasks and tasks that I assign to my team. At the end of every day I create the list for the next day and on every Friday’s, I create the tasks for the next week.

When I know exactly how my days and weeks are going to be, it pumps me with the excitement to get going. But, when I plan things for the coming days and week, I always keep a room for any surprise project, which needs to be attended the same day. Here is the screenshot of how my to-do list looks. I like my calendar to be filled :)      


2. Read inspirational books

Reading a book by someone you admire gives you tremendous motivation. It will give you a push to get going! Read, but also listen to their podcast, and watch their videos. I get inspired by knowing their journey. Every time I read an inspiring paragraph in a book, I end up writing one new proposal for a prospective client because it gives me the feeling that I am not working at my full potential and doing enough for my business.

Currently, I am reading a book by a best-selling author Grant Cardone called “Be obsessed or be average. It’s a great a book if you want to follow your passion. The books endorse the idea of not being apologetic about being obsessive to reach your goals.


3. Keep learning

No matter how much you love your work, if you continue doing the same stuff every day; you tend to feel demotivated after a point. So, to keep the spark, I try and learn at least 1 new thing every day. I learn a new online marketing strategy, I make myself aware of any new online marketing trend, I design a new project management template, I learn a new online tool, etc.

It helps me push my limits and grow as a professional. I go to sleep with a satisfaction that I added a new element to my profile and wake up next day with an excitement to learn a brand new thing.

I create the list of things that I learn every day and add it to my profile by the end of every month. Clients also like the idea that I keep grooming myself by adding to my skills and knowledge. 

No matter how busy we all are in our lives, we should always take out time to invest in yourself!

Wrap Up

These were the 3 daily rituals I do to stay at the top of my obligations. I would love to know what you do to keep yourself motivated.

In the video, I mentioned that you need a motivating factor if you are working on your won. But, the right kind of motivation is required also when you are an employee. You need to get up every day and feel motivated to start your day. It’s all about enjoying the work and taking out time to do something for your won self. 

Stay motivated and love what you do!



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