Twitter is one of the widely used social networking sites! It allows the registered user to spread messages by publishing branded and unbranded content.

Why do we use Twitter?

Building Networks: It is all about creating networks with like-minded people. It could be your clients, prospects, influencers, collogues, people from same industry or anyone else who has the same interest as yours.

Getting News Feeds: It is also a great source for trendy news feeds. You get new ideas to promote your business by knowing what people are talking about. 

Reputation Management: It gives you a chance to get directly connected with your target audience and build your online reputation. Having a good online reputation gives you more recommendations by the existing customers. 

Brand Promotion: It is a great platform to promote your brand, products, and services. It helps you get a direct feedback for your offerings.


What are the Dos of Twitter?

An idle twitter should have 3 components: Headline/phase, Link and Hashtags.

To expand the reach of your tweets, use some widely searched terms or phrases such as Free, Checkout, Blog post, Please, great, how to, Top, Help, Retweet

Here is a short video showing how to make the most of this social networking sites.


How to measure Twitter success?

When you spend lots of your time, effort and money in creating the strategy, implementing it and promoting it, it is important that you measure the results and modify your strategy accordingly. You can measure your Twitter success using tools such as Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics, FollowerWonk etc. You should measure 3 basic things

Awareness: How much awareness your twitter is creating for your brand and offerings. The awareness KPIs are impressions, reach, and frequency

Engagement: How many people are engaging with your brand through Twitter. Engagement KPIs are replies, retweets, favorites, #

Traffic: How much traffic you are generating on your websites/landing pages through Twitter. Traffic KPIs are visits, clicks, Acquisitions, sales, revenue


Wrap Up

In today day and age, you can easily get connected with your target audience through social media. So, use it wisely and make the most of it!

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